donderdag 26 januari 2012

Sjaak Hullekes Fall 2012

It's not a secret that Sjaak Hullekes is my favourite Dutch designer. The minimal dandy is probably my middle name, likewise the description of Sjaak Hullekes' collections. I was glad to hear that Sjaak Hullekes was opening Amsterdam Fashion Week, but even happier to be invited to the show. Opening with a video and the presentation of his first underwear collection models walked the runway afterwards in Sjaak Hullekes' fall 2012 collection on world music. This with the combination of the crowd's hunger for fashion sealed the deal; Sjaak Hullekes knows how to start a fashion week!

Clearly the trip from Sjaak and his partner in crime Sebastiaan Kramer to Marrakech had an enormous influence on the collection. The return to nature, morther earth turned out to be perfect for a menswear label who loves handmade details en authentic crafts. North African necklaces, coats with scarfs and see through shirts in colors from the world of nomads: deep orange, red, burgundy, chocolat brown and indigo blue. Combine this with his classic scarfs, fedoras in these warm colors and Sjaak Hullekes' impressive feeling for modern dandyism and you know why we all love this collection.

It was a celebration of modern dandyism; in a fashion world full of black Sjaak gave us another option for the new man who loves a little bit dandy in his closet.