woensdag 25 januari 2012

Cold Method Fall 2012

Dieter de Cock made my day yesterday in Amsterdam during the presentation of the fall 2012 collection for Cold Method. Not only was The Compagnie Theatre the location for the presentation, it was also the site for celebrating the brand's first lustrum.

The Gentlemen Activist was the collection's title and while the models, actors and dancers walked down the square runway the title made more and more sense. Chinos in black, forest green and burgundy were combined with quilted jackets above turtle necks in mustard and black. Classics for a gentlemen, but the combinations made the rebel clear. The chinos were rolled and formal jackets were worn with casual pants. No bags, but book belts and no hipster sneakers or sleek loafers but boots. The inspiration was clear: Parisian students from the sixties ready for a change; bourgeois rebels. The will to move forward without abandoning the rules of elegant style. The inspiration was perfect for the statement de Cock wanted to make; break free from the rules, but do it in style!