zaterdag 1 december 2012

Cravatta Pelliano - Sneak Preview Soirée

Thursday night I walked into the most intimate fashion soirée ever.
Cravatta Pelliano, the young tie and bow tie company from The Netherlands hosted a Sneak Preview party for those who believed in them from the beginning of their existence. 
Sneak preview? Hell yeah! Cravatta Pelliano wants to expand. Bigtime.
The collection of ties, bow ties and pocket squares is enlarged with a Instincts Collection containing three jackets and a double breasted suit. Play, Charm, Hunt and Lead; each instinct its jackets or suit.

The result? A cool party with 'the Pelliano family' - read steezy, neo-dapper gentlemen and chic ladies - in one of the founder's new classy apartment. And while the 'family' was chatting, drinking and marvelling about the collection the crew was assisting the willing buying 'family'. That's what we call a family business.

The good news? This expansion is only the beginning and the prices for the Dutalian design are really nice for your bank account. 
The bad news? We've got to wait for more.