vrijdag 16 september 2011

Art In Fashion - Van Gogh in Rodarte

The discussion about fashion and art is one without a solution, but the Mulleavy sisters combined both platforms in one form. Nineties cocktail dresses, layered volumes and a cyan and yellow color palet combined with prints from famous Van Gogh paintings.

Of course an art in fashion collection is not something completely new; Rodarte's spring 2012 collection in art prints by Van Gogh made us immediately think about the Mondriaan collection by Yves Saint Laurent from 1965. Reintroducing art in fashion, however, is not only an aesthetically clever step, but also awakes the debat about the role of fashion in art en vice versa.

Rodarte has always been a more avant-garde fashion house, but with the introduction of this collection it's official; Rodarte joined the intellectual fashion club. 

Photos by Style.com and Everypainting.com