maandag 11 april 2011

Sjaak Hullekes - Store Opening

The opening of Sjaak Hullekes' first store was the perfect combination of love for the brand and the will to continue to grow.
The store is intimate, but also excessible and that is just what this strong and up-and-coming brand for me is all about. Classic, high quality clothes, but with details to remind you we're talking about fashion chez Sjaak Hullekes.
The interior is light and classic with some beautiful wooden pieces and decorated with minimalistic-chic slash authentic objects-d'art. 

The stylish boutique for this, classic-with-a-twist, menswear label also showed some first womenswear outfits from this label. 
Keep an eye on Galerie Mondaine for more information about Sjaak Hullekes' projects or check